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I am a Life Coach specialising in working with individuals who want to improve their happiness and wellbeing.

Life is now more complex then ever and our feelings of wellbeing and happiness are often pushed to one side whilst we contend with slogging away in our busy multi-faceted lives. Often we don't notice that this isn't really LIVING, it's just existing....


Feeling a bit lost?

Want to get fit but lacking motivation?

Feel as though something is missing?

Time for a change but not sure where to begin?

Questioning whether this is really all life has to offer?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Lacking direction in your life?

Want to feel happier?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, firstly - you are not alone. We've all been there at one point or another.

And secondly - you've come to the right place - I can help! 

My aim through coaching is to assist you to gain clarity and become more focussed. I can help you feel energised, motivated and much happier.

Don’t look back on your life with ‘what ifs’ or regrets about things you didn’t do and chances missed. 

Take control! Get in touch today - email me now.

Common Life Coaching Misconceptions (Things I won’t do):

- Preach about how great my life is

- Tell you what to do

- Sort your life out for you

- Point out the things you've done 'wrong'

What it's actually about (Things I will do):

- Provide a safe, creative and non directive space to explore options

- Listen

- Support your ideas

- Promote a forward focus to achieve goals

- Inspire and motivate you to reach your maximum potential

- Gently challenge your thinking

- Allow personal exploration and discovery of solutions

If I haven't convinced you yet, let me ask you one thing - Is what you're doing currently working?

If the answer is no then give it a go, try something different, take a step on a different path.

What's the worst that could happen?

You never know, you might feel better!

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