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"I've found coaching with Sandy has improved my confidence by so much. At one point I couldn't be in a crowded room without feeling sick and now I feel relaxed in most social situations and have actually started to enjoy myself. Sandy makes you feel at ease from the minute you sit down until the moment you leave and has managed to help me open up about things I didn't even realise were connected to my confidence. I would highly recommend life coaching with Sandy. You have really helped me so much, can't thank you enough."

SJW Client 15/07/19

"I felt very motivated after our sessions and it clearly did me good. It made me think more about things. I have been running 3 times and running my 5k without stopping now. I am feeling so much better."

SJW Client 04/07/19

"I was going through a point in my life where I was feeling overwhelmed with decisions that needed to be made and my thoughts were racing all the time. Life coaching with Sandy helped to organise these thoughts and logically work through a plan of action. This was very beneficial and helped me to progress ideas and focus on them in the right order, to the point I could start crossing them off my to do list. Would highly recommend."

SJW Client 30/06/19

"...You've been really helpful in getting things straight in my head. Thank you"

SJW Client 27/05/19

"I found our sessions useful, it helped to clarify things in my own mind about how my future might look. All is going well so far and I'm just enjoying finding my new path."

SJW Client 24/04/19

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